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How to Eat Like a Local

Updated: May 15, 2020

A lot of people when visiting a new country try to find their home foods in order to feel safe and at home; I am the complete opposite. I do my best to eat what the locals eat in order to be one with the place, to make the most of my visit. Eating like a local also saves you money because the food tends to be cheaper as they are directed towards the inhabitants of said country or city.

Here is how to eat like a local:

1) First thing you should do is preliminary research

Look up the local dish of where you are going and some good places to eat. Remember that these online recommendations aren't always right and most of the time made by tourist but it is a good place to start and it gives you an idea of what food are a must-try.

2) Go on a food tour

When I visited New Orleans for the first time I knew a little bit about what to try but really did not know where to go etc... I went on a food tour and had the chance to meet some pretty wonderful people and try some of my favorite meals now. We tried about 8 different restaurants and each came with the story of the dish we were trying and how it is made. I came out of that trip loving shrimp and grits and jambalaya.

Jambalaya yuummm 😋

3) Go for the street food

This next one comes with a warning; if you have a sensitive stomach, don't do it, we do not want you getting sick miles away from home. Street food is usually very cheap and readily available and is usually popular among locals and tourists. Once again, keep an eye on the preparation in order to avoid a malaise. Avoid going to chain restaurants or fancy dining unless it's a special occasion of some sort.

4) Be open

Don't be afraid to try new food, the worse that could happen is you not liking it and that's it. Of course, stay away from the food you are allergic too but if not go for it; at least now you'll have a story about when you tried frog or even had piranha.

Trying Piranha at the Amazon Jungle in Perú

5) Trust bar and restaurant staff

Bartenders tend to be locals who have lived in the area for a while and are friends with other bartenders. If you are looking for local drinks or a fancy bar they would be the ones to trust. The same goes for restaurant servers.