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Travel mistakes to avoid!!!

Traveling is such a fun thing to do but just like everything in life mistakes can be made some worst than others; so here are 15 mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them:

1. Not Making Copies of Important Documents

Always carry a copy of your passport, License, etc... because you never know when something might go astray and when abroad it's hard to get such things renewed. Keep it in your wallet or purse, you might want to keep two of them just be extra safe.

2. Not Having Enough Cash

Not every foreign country is as card friendly as the US or Europe which is something people take for granted. In places such as Bali or Jamaica and others, CASH is KING.

3. Eat at Major Tourist Spots

Don't do it, or at least don't do it during your whole trip. I've found that the best places are where the locals eat and they are always cheaper. By all means, visit a famous restaurant, go to the tourist traps but don't make it your entire trips.

4. Booking Everything in Advance

This one depends on the kind of trip you are having. If you are solo traveling I recommended booking certain things in advance but there are other activities that can be booked in person because it allows you to haggle and get a better price. Waiting also gives you the chance to attend activities with new friends.

5. Exchange your money at the airport

DON'T DO IT or at least don't exchange all of your money at the airport; exchange just enough to take a taxi and maybe a bite and make it to your accommodation. Airport exchange rates tend to be extremely high. You have a better chance at the local locations (of course be vigilant).

6. Not unlocking your phone

Most people assume their phones can be used anywhere which is not always true. If you plan to use a local sim card, you will NEED an unlocked phone. Make sure to call your phone carrier to verify if it can be used. Certain carriers such as T-Mobile allows for temporary unlock when the phone is not fully paid off.

7. Ruling out Hostels

Hostels have a bad reputation but I can promise you they are not all bad. Some hostels are quite luxurious, it all depends on the one you choose. Of course, not all hostels are the same therefore do y