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Why is Traveling Healthy?

Traveling is leaving home and exploring a new destination whether domestically, internationally, by car or a plane. Traveling is going on an adventure and doing something that is not part of your daily routine. Traveling is letting go and discovering something new about yourself. Traveling does not have to be expensive foe example, domestic travel is an inexpensive option because you can take a bus to a another state or nearby country, you can drive to a town nearby and see new people, new places. With all that said, people still don't travel and certain still don't see why it is necessary, therefore below are a couple of reasons why traveling, even if just once a year, is good for your health:

  • Traveling reduces stress levels

Traveling takes you out of your daily routine allowing you to relax and chill. It has been scientifically proven that your level of stress and depression decreases while on vacation. A study has "shown that a good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days at least five weeks later". Traveling is the gift that keeps on giving. Being less stressed improves your relationships and work environment. The stress relief may start as early as the planning phase as you get excited and are looking forward to some time off.

  • Traveling keeps you fit

This one depends on the kind of traveling you plan on doing and what you plan on eating while away. Nevertheless, while traveling you are bound to go explore and walk and be more active then you would be at home. When you are some place new, you want to try many different things and are more prone to try an extreme sport. Even if you do not go for the extreme sport, taking a sunset stroll by the beach or walking through the city to go shopping are all the ways you will be active during a vacation.

  • Traveling improves sleeping patterns

A poor sleep schedule with a mixture of high stress levels is a dangerous combination for anyone's mental health. Adults are recommended to sleep at least 7 hours per night which can be a lot easier achieved while traveling. Depending on where you are visiting you might even get a nap in during the day for 'siesta'.

  • Travel makes you happy

Being excited about anything especially traveling can make you happy from planning it to actually going on the trip. Cornell University conducted a study that shows discussing the possible activities you will take part in, the food you will taste, the hotel you will be staying at and more during your vacation, can keep the mind off of your daily stressful situation making you happy and joyful. It gives you exciting plans to look forward to.

  • Traveling reduces risk of heart disease

High blood pressure and heart diseases are an issue for most people, so why not do something that will reduce it? Of course a healthy diet, exercise and positive life changes can help with reducing any heart disease, but adding traveling to it and disconnecting from your daily stressors can also help. The Framingham Heart Study has found that people who travel at least once a year are less likely to suffer from a hear attack or heart disease than their counterpart who do not travel.

There are many other reasons why traveling a minimum of once a year is good for your health and it does not have to be to some far far way land;traveling in your backyard is just as effective and you have no idea of the hidden gems you will find. Remember people come from other countries to visit where you live so why not check it out while you are here.

Estelle <3

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