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Truck rental is often thought of as a simple way to move, but it still comes with a lot of planning and coordination. You’ll need to compare what each company offers, select a truck size, determine whether you’ll need towing, and decide : how to manage the long drive. While some of these factors are easy to , figure out, others require a little more consideration. And all this planning doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best deal. But U-Haul is downright laissez-faire compared with some rivals. Penkse, or instance, doesn’t offer rentals of trailers to move your stuff at all. The company does rent equipment designed for towing cars. But the company only lets customers attach these trailers to its specially outfitted Penske trucks — not trucks from either of its rivals. “For safety,” Penske spokesman Ryerson interstate movers consumer reportsA quick google search should bring up reviews on your mover from various review websites. 13 BEST Movers in Los Angeles, CA ConsumerAffairs If you think you need three containers but might be able to get the job done , with two, Zippy Shell can split up your delivery. By bringing you two containers on one day but scheduling , a third container for another day, you can cancel the next scheduled delivery if it turns out you don’t need it. And since a single Zippy Shell container can cost well over a thousand dollars, you’re looking at a boatload of savings. No crashes or injuries were reported. Some local and long-distance movers will make sure you get premium storage services to help you prevent clutter when unpacking your new home. And while you might spend a bit more money on a professional mover, the peace of mind you gain is priceless. Local and long-distance movers that really know their stuff are both dedicated and experienced. So, the service you gain and the quality and dedication to ensuring your move is easy and fun makes hiring a professional mover worth the cost.packing and moving companies near meWhen you have no time and effort to invest into your move and packing your valuables up properly for your move, hiring professional packing services can be a life saver. Packers will know exactly how to maximize the safety of your items while remaining efficient and , quick during the entire moving process. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving offers stand-alone packing and unpacking, meaning you don’t need to hire the company to move you or get rid of your junk to qualify for its hourly packing services. Utilizing our professional packing services will reduce the risk of damage and in turn, greatly reduce your stress levels as well! Privacy Policy Do you like this site? A DIY move will always be the economical option. However, the decision comes down to both cost and convenience. The DIY option will require the most work because you provide the labor, supplies and transportation. A full-service moving company will do all that for you, but it’s more expensive. However, hybrid moves allow you to avoid some of the labor-intensive work and save some money.


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