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Stella Travel Referral Program

Stella Travel is excited to announce the Travel Without Aggravation referral program. Each individual referral is worth $50.00 USD and can go up to $200.00 USD. You may receive a discount of up to $200.00 USD for making group trip referrals within the same calendar year.

In order to give a referral, you
must have already been on a Stella Travel trip or have had us plan a trip for you. When you refer someone, they must mention your name (first and last) in the booking platform notes.

You will receive your discount code via email 30 days after your friend has booked. All referral discount codes expire within 15 months of the first referral code being issued. If the code is not used within the given timeframe, it will no longer be valid for any payment. The referral code is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable. The code can only be used for group trips and no other services.
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